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Shine Brighter Together

Sep 6, 2022

In this live episode, Monique speaks about diet culture and seven things that have helped her on her journey to dismantling diet culture. Do you ever get tired of hearing what you can’t do, can’t eat, or can’t wear? Don’t fill your head with negative thoughts about food and your body. Be sure to join this episode as Monique gives thought-provoking questions to help you build a better relationship with your body. 

The next round of the F*ck Diet Culture program starts September 21, 2022. Click this link to learn more.

Resources provided in this episode:

Shine Class: F*ck Diet Culture

Shine Class Panel: Unpacking The Intersection of Race & Diet Culture

Chrissy King

Book: The Body Liberation Project: How Understanding Racism and Diet Culture Helps Cultivate Joy and Build Collective Freedom expected March 14, 2023.

Lauren Lavell

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